Choosing the right pair of headphones usually comes down to your lifestyle, rather than the price point. Kinivo produces some of the top headphones products to fit all types of lifestyles — yours included. Your use for the headphones can and should ultimately determine which style you choose. As such, we’ve put together a handy guide that explains the best headphone styles for all lifestyles.


Sports Headphones

While not one of the primary headphone styles, this subsegment is becoming increasingly popular due to people’s on-the-go lifestyle. If you’re a more active type or workout regularly, then you might want to invest into a pair that’s suitable for this type of use. These headphones usually include sweat proof technology, a secure fit that prevents the headphones from falling off, and include a lightweight design.

The downfall is that most of these headphones only have decent sound quality, not the top-tier quality you can expect from the sound-ear designs mentioned next. Our popular BTH220 Bluetooth Headphones are a perfect fit for people with active lifestyles and the customer reviews on the sound quality are great for this particular style of headphones. 

Best Headphones

Around-ear Headphones

Are you an audiophile looking for the best possible sound quality while tuning out external noises? If so, then this style is for you. Around-ear or Circumaural style headphones completely enclose the listener’s ears. These headphones are typically more expensive and bulkier, but offer the best sound quality and noise cancellation. Kinivo does not carry a product like this, however there are many more options available on Amazon.

In-ear Headphones

Looking for something low profile, smaller, and more portable than any other headphones? The in-ear headphones come in two types: canal headphones and ear buds. The canal headphones provide an airtight seal and the best overall sound quality for this style of headphones, although they tend to be positioned as a more premium product and come with a larger price tag.

If, however, you are looking for something convenient and more comfortable — opt for the ear bud style, like the BTE40 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Overall, in-ear headphones can provide decent audio, although the fit becomes very important. If the ear buds are too small, then sound quality can suffer due to a poor seal.

Best Headphones

On-ear Headphones

These headphones provide a mix of audio performance and comfort. In most cases, these types of headphones can have very high quality audio that’s comparable with the around-ear style. However, sound leakage and ambient noise tend to be the downside.

This headphones style is known for the comfort factor as it’s great at limiting pressure points on your ear and tend to come with comfortably designed ear pads, like our new URBN Premium Bluetooth Headphones. 

best headphones


There you have it — you now know the best headphone styles to fit your lifestyle. If you have any additional questions about headphones, please reach out to us directly on Twitter @kinivo.

Written by: Nivo
December 03 - 2015

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