Travel season is finally upon us and you might be wondering about the best travel friendly audio technology you can have with you on your trip. One thing we’ve heard from our customers is that they have to bring their music with them, but the speaker they use at home doesn’t necessarily make it ideal for on the road. From tuning out the world on the train to blasting your music out loud with your friends on a beach; we have a few good ideas for you. 

On The Road

A quiet car ride isn’t really the way to do a road trip and you don’t want to be stuck trying to listen to intermittent radio stations as you lose signal from town to town. New wireless adapters allow you to connect your phone directly with your car stereo system. For instance, the Kinivo BTC450 works by plugging into the 3.5mm and auxiliary port then pairing directly with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. With this device you can stream any song you want directly from your mobile device through your car speakers and effectively turn your car into a traveling on-demand concert. 

BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit

Planes And Trains

Alternatively, some environments can be quite noisy, thus creating the need to tune out the world around and tune into your music. Make sure to pack a pair of headphones that are lightweight, wireless, and compact for ultimate convenience. These headphones should have the ability to fold up, include noise cancelation, and would preferably come with a protective case to keep them safe while you store them in your bag or pocket. 

Travel Headphones

At Your Destination 

Music brings people together and you don’t want to miss out on that experience when you get to your destination. A small portable speaker will be ideal, not only for traveling lightly, but it can provide a sufficient amount of sound when you use it at the beach, in the hotel room, or in the park. Some speakers are so small that they can fit in your pocket which makes them ideal for traveling. Lastly, don’t break the bank for a travel speaker, because there is a possibility that it can be lost. 

Speaker for the beach

Think Light, Affordable, And Convenient 

When purchasing audio technology for your next trip, keep in mind that it should be light, affordable, and convenient for you to use on the go. The most convenience comes from devices that are easy to store and are wireless, allowing you to play your audio anywhere you want. Make sure to purchase your technology in advance as you will likely get something that is more reliable than a convenience store and doesn’t include the increased price from purchasing at the airport. Safe travels! 

Written by: Nivo
March 31 - 2016

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